A list of projects in which 4041 partnered with separate entities to implement



s203 is music. It encompasses music reviews, articles, charts and a podcast. Purely dedicated to promoting Ghanaian music and the lesser known genres of music.


Poderk's Shop

An e-shop where you can buy and swap mobile phones, accesories as well as other electronic gadgets. Poderks shop also unlocks phones: both gevey and permanent unlock.



Trotrochef is a food brand headed by  chef (City and Guild level 1 and 2 food safety and preparation, institute of culinary arts and hospitality management , London ) with a passion of switching up continental meals with our local style and vice versa. 


Eliss Royale

Eliss Royale is an interior decor company with expertise in Floral arrangements and Landscape design. Contact Eliss royale for your orchids, cactuses etc as well as pots.  

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