what is 4041 Tech Solutions?

we are:

goal oriented

We are an I.T service provider that works toward solving everyday business problems with information technology and computer science tools and methods. Using these, we also bolster business ideas to start viable and profitable businesses. The goal is to employ I.T tools to businesses whether small, medium or large scale with the aim of creating brands, increasing productivity, efficiency and market reach.

professional, flexible and affordable

After free consultation, we devise strategies unique to your business, goals and financial position, giving you the power to decide. The average Ghanaian has been misguided and been put under the impression that I.T services are only required for multinational corporations. I.T services, however are essential and widely applicable in many different business scenarios. They are also affordable.


dynamic and progressive

Would you rather operate only in your locality or extend your reach to the world? in this current age, do you still want to manage your records from an exercise book? Our solutions (apps and sofware) are simple to use. We also provide management services to assist during the process.


We are open to partnering with you on your business ideas to grow them into viable and profitable businesses. We will invest our I.T resources in viable business ideas.  

Our Clients

Some clients we are presently working with or have previously worked with:


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